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Optical Illusions in Graphic Design (Hoaki Books S.L.)

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Artikelnummer: 9788417412296

What are illusions? Illusions trick you into perceiving something differently than it actually exists, so what you see does not correspond to physical reality. While scientists and doctors are studying how pathological illusion arises, our excellent designers are also working on how to trick your eyes with graphic illusion! It& #8217 s unbelievable to see how simple elements create extraordinary effects that attract your attention, make you doubt, and fall for their & #8220 tricks.& #8221 Waves and mazes formed by simple lines, overlapping images that cannot count the layers, stereoscopic vision from graphic to space, you will experience what is optical illusion in this book with your own eyes! Be prepared, and welcome to the & #8220 dizzyland!& #8221

Person Wang Shaoquiang
Herausgeber / Verlag Wang Shaoqiang
Genre Fremdsprachig
Einband Taschenbuch
ISBN 978-84-17-41229-6
Abmessungen (B/H/T) 283x212x25mm
Gewicht 1200 g